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There is no better time than the winter months to bring your bike and or bikes in for service!

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38 Freemans Bridge Road, Scotia, NY 12302

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- We are taking deposits on bikes both on backorders and new special orders!


- Let us help you find and or order everything that you need to make the best riding season you have had yet!


- Allow us to help you get in the the bike you have always wanted, and get all those accessories you have wanted for your perfect dream ride!


- Beat the spring lines and tune your ride up now!

- Having trouble finding a bike? How about upgrading the bike you have right now!

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Then & Now

In the fall of 1982 Erwin & Joan Grant along with Richard and Debra Himmelwright refinished the old United Welding building and started Freeman's Bridge Sports.


Richard worked in many area shops, while Mr. Grant ran a speed shop and maintained ownership of several properties. The combination of Mr. Grant's business savvy, and Richard's deep passion for the bicycle business provided the making of a great team.


Our passion for cycling is second to none, our dedication to customer service is top notch, so come down and let us show you some FUN!​



I am a Roadie by heart, but I love every style of cycling.


After 35 years in the business and a total of 48 years riding bikes, I am still deeply passionate about this business. I get to be involved with the sport I love, make people happy, and sell fun! 

JEFF (Head Tech)


I have been cycling since I was 4 years old. I like anything that has pedals, mountain, road, fatbike, unicycle. If I had to pick one as a favorite it would be the mountain bike, because it gets me out in the woods and on a bike, best of both worlds.


I have been at Freeman's Bridge Sports for nearly 20+ years, I have worked on nearly every kind of bike there is, and because I love riding, its important that our customers have just as much enjoyment as I do!

Ryszard (Service Manager)

Having been in the cycling business for over 10 years, I have accumulated a ton of experience in bicycle maintaince and repair, including formal training on servicing the latest road and mountain bikes.


I enjoy working in an industry that serves to grow the sport I have grown up loving, it promotes a healthy life style, and its a great way to see the world.


You will catch me out on the open road on my free days or grinding on some gravel!

JAKE (Sales Manager)

Been on two wheels longer than I can remember. Bikes have always been a big part of my life and one of my passions since I was little. Growing up apart of the Freemans Bridge Sports family LITERALLY has been nothing but fun and a great experience. 

If you see me on a bike it will probabaly be a mountain bike going as fast and as big as I possibly can, If not that then it will be on a bmx bike trying to learn a new trick or getting hurt, because if you are not falling you arent trying hard enough!



Level 1 Tune Up
Level 2 Tune Up

Tire/Tube change


After a bike wash, we’ll dial in your brakes, tune and adjust your shifting to perfection, and ensure that all fasteners are torqued to manufacture specifications

- Align and adjust brakes
- Align and adjust shifting

- Lube shift and brake cables

- Adjust headset

- Bike wash​​

- Basic wheel true


Replacement parts not included in service package price.




Includes everything from the Level 1 Tune Up plus :

- Remove and deep clean all drivetrain components, with parts clean and or ultrasonic cleaner
- Lateral and vertical wheel true

- Includes new derailleur and brake cables 

Replacement parts not included in service package price. (excluding derailleur and brake cables for Level 2 Tune Up)

$10 Front Wheel

$15 - Rear Wheel

Wheel True

$25  - Basic

$35 - Major (broken  spokes, cost of spokes are extra charge)

Bike Build/Package


* For any other service questions please contact us at your convenience *



38 Freemans Bridge Road

Scotia, NY 12302



Tel: 518-382-0593




TUES: 10-6

WED: 10-6

THURS: 10-6 

FRI​​​: 10-6

SAT: 9-4


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